New Civic Housebuilding - Shelter Report

Shelter have produced an excellent report about why housebuilding in the UK doesn’t work and what we could do instead. The full report is available on Shelter’s website. Speculative Housebuilding The UK doesn’t build enough houses, and the reason for this is because most are built by the speculative housebuilding model. That is land is bought by the big house builders and then houses are built and then sold.

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RIBA Space Standards - The Case for Space

New Houses Are Small You may have thought where you were looking at new build houses that they are smaller than older houses and too small to comfortably meet the needs of families. RIBA Space Standards Report The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have released a report looking at the size of new build homes and showing that they are indeed smaller than the recommended standards for houses. In their report “Space Standards for Homes - #HomeWise” they find:

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