April 2019 Update

By Ian Bracey | April 29, 2019

We continue to make progress following our recent incorporation. We have appeared at the recent Neighbourhood Forums which have been organised by South Cambs District Council. These offer a great opportunity to talk to local people about why we think genuinely affordable homes are important, but also to see Planners, Councillors and Developers and have the opportunity to talk to them about how we can help achieve benefit for the Community.

We are planning our appearance at the Waterbeach Feast in June. We hope to be able to talk to lots of local people about what they would like to see from genuinely affordable homes and community facilities. Conversations are important and we have been talking to lots of people and groups about things like self-build, community facilities, quality of homes, and genuinely affordable homes.

We were also pleased to see the Graven Hill development featured on Grand Designs: The Street. This is the largest self-build development in the country. We think it’s really important to get people and communities involved in designing and building their own homes, which is why we want the whole community involved. And you don’t have to actually do the manual work yourself. This is something which we are really keen to explore.

As we progress with looking for a project, we want it to be truly Community led. We want to start asking questions and for the Community to tell us why things are important. Things like…

  • What does affordable mean to you?
  • Why are local affordable homes important to you?
  • What local facilities would you like to see?
  • Do you like the homes on offer from housebuilders and why?
  • What is important to you about a home? (Size, Rooms, Feel, Finish Quality, Ceiling Height, Energy Efficiency, Private or Shared Outdoor Space, Quiet, Daylight, Privacy, Community, Location, Work, Amenities)

Please tell us what you think, either at the email below or our survey at www.waterbeachclt.co.uk/survey or talk to us at the Waterbeach Feast.

We are always keen to sign up new members so you can have your say in how we work. You can do this at www.waterbeachclt.co.uk/signup for only £1.

Tell us if you need a home!

Most importantly we continue to gather Expressions of Interest for those in need of a home. If this is you, or you know someone who has had to move away, then please fill in the form at www.waterbeachclt.co.uk/looking-for-a-home. The more people who tell us, the better evidence we have for the Council of real need.

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