Scoping Exercise

By Ian Bracey | May 4, 2018

Scoping Exercise

Last Tuesday the CLT Steering Group met again to carry out our Scoping Exercise for the CLT. This was led by Emily and Rachel from CLT East.

The purpose of this was to help us gather together our vision and aims for the CLT, what we want to accomplish, who we want the CLT to help. It was really exciting to see all the ideas flowing and everyone wanting to contribute.

The word cloud above shows some of the key themes which were coming forward.

CLT East will now write up the discussion into a Scoping Report which we will use to make a grant application to the South Cambs District Council Housing Board. This should hopefully happen in the next few weeks. The Scoping Report will become a key document for us to refer to and will also help us shape our formal model rules and policies for the CLT.

Future Planning

The exercise also allowed us to start planning for the future and what we wanted to accomplish in the short, medium and long term. We have set out some ambitious aims which hopefully we will be able to accomplish.

In the very near future we will be starting to recruit formal members for the CLT, so watch out for the application form for this. Membership of the CLT will cost £1, as you buy a “Membership Share”, and will be open to anyone with a connection to Waterbeach, whether that is you live here, have family here or work here.

Housing Need

To help us plan what projects we might want to start and support our aims we really want to hear from anyone who thinks they might want a CLT home. So if you know anyone who would be interested, who works in the village but doesn’t live here, or can’t afford to buy, get them to sign up to the mailing list or contact us.

Upcoming Publicity

To raise the profile of the CLT and start recruiting members we will also be appearing at the following events

  • A short presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting (14/05/18)
  • A stand at the Waterbeach Feast (09/06/18)

Do come along to find out more and bring anyone else who would be interested.

Social Media

Waterbeach CLT also has a facebook group which you can join and share and we are on twitter. You can follow us @waterbeachclt and please share.

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